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Scalable to meet your production demands.

We are now Solidiphy, Inc. - the leader in 3D Figurine  Technology! 3D Scan - 3D Model - 3D Print.


Our 3D technology solutions enable the creation of life-like 3D printed figurine products of humans and pets.
Empower your business with our 3D technolgies comprised of 3D scanning, 3D modeling, and 3D printing.

A Complete 3D SCAN - TO - 3D PRINT Business Solution!

3D Figurine Process

3D Scan Systems

Studio or Mobile - a system for any budget.

Integrated Commerce Solutions

Point of Sale and Online ordering.

3D Workflow Solutions

Enterprise level, cloud-based systems.

3D Assets

Large asset library, including celebrities. 

3D Production

3D modeling and 3D printing services.

Studio Share

National network of scan studios.

3D Scanning

Our state-of-the-art Cobra 3D Scan Booth is the ideal solution
for 3D scanning humans and thier pets!

  • Instant capture photogrammetry
  • Canon DSLR's
  • Optimized light control
  • Automated scan preview
Cobra 3D Scanning

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3D Assets

In addition to full body figurines and bust statues, we also provide a wide selection of creative product options.

  • Action Figures
  • Ornaments
  • Wedding Cake Toppers
  • Game Avatars

    ... and more!

3D Printing

Scalable production to meet your volume demands.

  • Hand finished
  • High resolution
  • Full CMYK color
  • Photorealistic
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